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 Surf Anonymous

SurfAnonymous is an internet utility to hides your IP address while you are browsing the web, chatting at msn,mirc ..etc , thereby saving you from a lot of vulnerabilities associated with exposition of IP address.

SurfAnonymous is fully automated. You don't need to have any knowledge of setting up proxy connections. Just "drag the mouse" over the application you want to change it's IP and watch.

SurfAnonymous includes the following functional parts: Proxy Hunter, Proxy Analyzer, Proxy Capture, and Proxy Pool.
Just add the url of the page which contain proxies and Proxy Hunter will bring all the proxies within it using advanced HTML parser.
Using Proxy Analyzer you are able to detect the type of the proxies (Socks4, Socks5, Http, Https), Anonymous or not, Support SMTP or not, speed, and detect the location of the IP address.
Using Proxy Capture you can FORCE any application to connect through your chosen proxy, even the application does not support using proxy servers.
Proxy Pool: allows you to block bad proxies and manage your proxy list more easily.

SurfAnonymous is your choice if you are:
  • looking for advanced Proxy Hunter.
  • looking for advanced Proxy Analyzer.
  • looking for a way to change your static IP address.
  • your IP address is blocked by certain site and you can't enter it anymore.
  • looking for Anonymous Web Surfing.
  • want to increase your Online Privacy & Security.
  • suffering from hackers.
  • looking for FREE anonymous list of Proxy Servers ( HTTPS, HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 ).
  • want to hide your OS & Browser Version.
  • want to run MSN, kazaa ... etc behind firewalls.
  • hide your IP while chatting in MIRC, ICQ, MSN...etc.
  • have a program that does not support using proxy and you want to force it to connect through some proxies.

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    Reviews / View as Forum Thread
    31-Jul-2005 6 MandyKate I used that programm for a long time and I am very happy with that. But now, I got a problem. Every time I start that programm, only 1 minute, and the programm ends itself. I don't know why?!?! Can anyone help me?? I already deinstalled that programm and reinstalled that, but the problem is the same. My firewall is fine with that programm, and I really don't know why, the programm shuts down after a minute.?!? HELP! Mandy
    17-Mar-2004 10 simba007 very vry awesome and great program
    17-Mar-2004 10 simba007 awesome
    30-Jan-2004 10 Civet_Cat The Demo clip is excellent. It's speed can train one's eyes to be as fast as one can not imagine. Great. I would not hesitate recommending it to anyone. THIS is the product.
    14-Jan-2004 10 nikku its great program
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    Quick facts
    Product Surf Anonymous
    Publisher Sa6ry Software House
    Platform Windows XP/2000
    Filesize 708 K
    Released 16-Sep-2003
    License Shareware
    Cost $29.95
    Expires Never Expires
    Statistics: total, monthly
    Downloads 8121 (0)
    Rating 8.92 (0)
    Votes 200 (0)
    Summary rating +134.85 (0)
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