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 Send SMS

Send SMS to mobile phone (all the world). Support : Vietnamese, English
Reviews / View as Forum Thread
22-Nov-2009 NR allow786 see that image
07-Mar-2009 4 rajender after testing i will inform you
10-Jan-2008 NR thejosh asdfasdfasdfasd
06-Nov-2007 NR upendra1024 test
14-Oct-2007 NR softiceup test
04-Oct-2007 NR gawand test
24-Sep-2007 NR tqtqtq nhan tin vao di dong the nao vay moi ng
13-Feb-2007 NR nyyeahyeah lam` sao ma` nt dd.c dday :M/
01-Feb-2007 NR upendra1024 hallo zannna
01-Feb-2007 NR upendra1024 hallo friend i am upendra this is not downloading,
01-Feb-2007 NR upendra1024 hallo
01-Feb-2007 NR zanna2203 how are you!
12-Jan-2007 NR nquyetthang2410 a lo co ai o nha ko
30-Sep-2006 NR thieuvitaminyeu thu may nhan tin dtdd
12-Sep-2006 NR maya1976 sdwd
04-Sep-2006 NR chintin testing
30-Aug-2006 NR ahsanlay hello! how are you? ahsan.
30-Aug-2006 NR hajo hai sai how are you
25-Aug-2006 NR Jessi Ckemi Xhesi si po ja kalon pushimet verore?
23-Aug-2006 NR layalic hgf
20-Aug-2006 10 trandinhduc Hi . How can send SMS free to Phone 848730 ?. PM me Y!M : . Thank . I wanting people help me .
09-Aug-2006 NR caradine salut c'est moi kassi
09-Aug-2006 NR nagu_bhat hi this is the new software try it
09-Aug-2006 NR nagu_bhat hi how r u
05-Aug-2006 NR azhi hiiiiiiiiiiii
03-Aug-2006 10 jose wasap
03-Aug-2006 8 beatrix1980 it is cool
24-Jul-2006 9 zam8 excellent
24-Jul-2006 NR sherry hi nancy i miss you you can send me a message theought your phone it is the same money . what did mumy tell nashwa i want to know. i dont know if i were mistaken but i have i gut feeling that they manipulated me i dont can any moe i already drpped the matter but it broke my heart still . i love you young one you are my one and only soul mate say hi to mumy and dad love you
23-Jul-2006 10 adrian1717 csa mit csinalsz ?
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Quick facts
Product Send SMS
Version 1.1
Publisher VPA
Platform Windows XP/ME/NT/2000/98/95
Filesize 61 K
Released 03-Jul-2003
License Freeware
Cost $0.00
Expires Never Expires
Statistics: total, monthly
Downloads 6342 (0)
Rating 8.82 (0)
Votes 538 (0)
Summary rating +346.17 (0)
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Interface languages
English Vietnamese
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